Fix “Your photo and video library is being prepared” on Windows

If you get message “Your photo and video library is being prepared” after download iCloud on Windows/PC/Laptop then is no progress bar or any discernible activity. So how long does the process take?

If you have this issue also and was unable to find any solution for it, I also noticed that iCloud icon in the system tray seemed to be stuck in upload photos, showing a count of 13. What step to Fix “Your photo and video library is being prepared” on Windows? please following steps:

  1. Uninstall iCloud for Windows and restart the computer.
  2. Download iCloud for Windows.
  3. Delete the Camera Roll, Saved Pictures and iCloud Photos folders from my Pictures as these will be recreated and populated later.
  4. Install iCloud for Windows using the downloaded installer and follow all the setup instructions using the default settings.
  5. Afterwards the iCloud icon showed it was updating and it began recreating all folders and downloading all.
  6. Open iCloud Photos and clicking the Download button then will a dialog to select All or specific years to download, then click All and entire library was can download to your Windows/computer.

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